Praise for Mallacoota Time

Milena’s memoir Mallacoota Time is a telling narrative that gives a rare insights to others who might endure similar loss and trauma. It lyric use of language, adds a sensitivity to the many personal moments that are normally private and unspoken. These words capture a world that can help others who have had to confront the unimaginable devastation that bushfires bring.

Alexander McFarlane AO
Professor of Psychiatry
The University of Adelaide, SA
MB BS (Hons), MD, FRANZCP, Dip Psychotherapy

Amidst the background of the recent fires that devastated Australia’s east coast, and then the social dislocation of the Corona virus, Milena Cifali, having lost her home to the fire in Mallacoota has created a meditation on life, loss, and renewal. This is a poignant account of the  thoughts and emotions that flare up and affect the soul when ones home has been taken away. All through this  moving account is a yearning for ‘home’ and a search for connection, and always the restorative power of music and story telling.  

Jim Sakkas author and winner Vogel literary prize (also a Mallacoota resident)

Milena Cifali is no stranger to writing she has written many poems and songs – but this time she began the arduous labour of analysing her deepest hurts, fears and memories, our common needs and aspirations, ordering it all into chapters, and has in a very few short months created a wonderful book – Mallacoota Time. Sadly, many Australians have suffered huge losses through bushfires, but rarely does the trauma work itself out in such a creative way. Milena’s memoir and philosophical musings, illustrated with many photographs, has created a go-to book, a must-read for all Australians. Surely, surely, we will now as a nation begin to work towards lessening the devastating impacts of bushfires by committing to tackling climate change?

 Judith Clingan AM, Canberra, 12th October 2020

I love your book Milena . So beautifully written. It’s giving me the shivers and I’ve shed quite a few tears. I’m going to buy a few extra copies to give to friends and my daughter ( Bodalla) affected by the fires.

Lynn Kalkman

At a time of, it seems, universal grief with COVID-19, we have much need of books like this. I commend it to all. Through it, you will know Milena and her story, but you will also know your own stories and that treasured sense of home and love we all crave.

Barbie Robinson, Living Arts Canberra – read the full review

This book is a work of art, in so many ways and on so many levels. Milena Cifali bravely traces the losses of the summer of 2020 in a deeply personal account that resonates across time and space. Geographically located in a world that has changed forever, this book is a timely reminder that the work of mourning is also the work of restoration, and there is much work ahead of us. Her courage and resilience pave the way.

Carolyn Minchin