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Rising from the ashes of the Mallacoota New Years Eve Bushfires, a poignant and timely book by Milena Cifali., now also available as an audiobook.

Milena is an award winning singer-songwriter and poet, who, along with her partner Jim Horvath, lost her home, instruments and beloved parrots  in the Mallacoota bushfires on New Year’s Eve 2019.

Out of adversity, in her heartfelt book Mallacoota Time: the lost summer 2020, Milena shares  her personal journey towards recovery,  against the larger backdrop of an unprecedented bushfire season and the coronavirus pandemic. 

The book showcases Milena’s considerable talents of writing, poetry, lyrics, and photography to create a stirring  and timely work.

At its heart is the search for home and its aim to connect with Australia’s fire ravaged communities and to provide solace,  facilitating healing for all those suffering loss amongst these communities.

After losing my home in the massive fires in Mallacoota on New Year’s Eve 2019, I share the grief, the journey upwards and out, in this  audiobook, available here and containing  my award winning music . Order now for more understanding of how it feels to lose everything – Milena Cifali.

Mallacoota Time is also available in paperback and hardback editions through Echo Books.

Mallacoota Time song by Milena Cifali